Keynote Speakers

Andrew Monnickendam (Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona)

SHORT BIO: Andrew Monnickendam is Professor of English at the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona. His major research interests are the literature of war, and the Scottish novel. Together with his colleague, Aránzazu Usandizaga, he edited Back to Peace: Reconciliation and Retribution in the Postwar Period, a Choice Outstanding Academic Title, 2008. He has published widely on Scottish literature, including the first modern edition of Christian Johnstone's Clan-Albin (1815). The lecture "Knocking on Heaven's Door: the Life and Work of Mary Brunton (1778-1818)" discusses her fiction, focussing on the friction arising between her religious views and the love-plot. These issues are analysed in much greater detail in the forthcoming The Novels of Walter Scott and his Literary Relations: Mary Brunton, Susan Ferrier and Christian Johnstone, to be published by Palgrave-Macmillan sometime later this year.

KEYNOTE LECTURE: "Knocking on Heaven's Door: the Life and Work of Mary Brunton (1778-1818)"

Julia Lavid (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

SHORT BIO: Julia Lavid is Professor of English Linguistics at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Her research interests cover a wide range of topics related to the functional analysis of English (often in comparison with Spanish and other European languages), using computational and corpus-based methodologies. She has published extensively on these topics, being the author of the book "Lenguaje y nuevas tecnologías: nuevas perspectivas, métodos y herramientas para el lingüista del siglo XXI" (Madrid, Cátedra, 2005), and coauthor of the research monograph Systemic-Functional Grammar of Spanish: a Contrastive Account with English (London: Continuum, 2010). In her lecture she discusses theoretical and methodological issues related to her most recent research on contrastive corpus annotation.

KEYNOTE LECTURE: "Using corpus annotation for investigating linguistic phenomena: linguistic and methodological challenges"

Patricia Duncker (University of Manchester)

SHORT BIO:Patricia Duncker is the author of five novels and two collections of short fiction including Hallucinating Foucault (1996), winner of the McKitterick Prize and the Dillons First Fiction Award, and Miss Webster and Chérif (2006) shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers Prize, 2007. Her fifth novel, The Strange Case of the Composer and his Judge (Bloomsbury, 2010), was shortlisted for the CWA Golden Dagger award for the Best Crime Novel of the Year. Her critical work includes a collection of essays on writing, theory and contemporary literature, Writing on the Wall (2002). She is Professor of Contemporary Literature at the University of Manchester.

KEYNOTE LECTURE: "Salvage: On Writing Neo-Victorian Fiction"


Michael Scott (Aston University / Lexical Analysis Software, Ltd.)

SHORT BIO:Michael Scott was originally a specialist in English language teaching and English for Specific Purposes, living and working for the British Council in Brazil and Mexico but with numerous professional visits to other countries including Spain. Since the 1990s he has been increasingly known for his work in Corpus Linguistics, as the designer and programmer of WordSmith Tools, a suite of software for text analysis, published by Oxford University Press and Lexical Analysis Software. The motivation for this arose from his interest in language teaching and analysis but has now reached far beyond, in connection with the interests and concerns of the many users of the software around the world, who use it for the study of literature, politics, history, medicine as well as language teaching and linguistics.

KEYNOTE LECTURE: "Hunting Down Literary Patternings with WordSmith"


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